Reviews for ""Earthbound""

Okay. this is what im thinkin:

I've played earthbound, i bought it yesterday at some hock n save for 70 bucks, i like it. it's a good game, but this submission sucks more ass
than you do. honestly. the graphics were all ripped, the style was terrible, the sound was kind of choppy, There was little or no violence,
I forget which, cause i was bored all through this, this isn't a game, so
you get 0 for interactivity, and your jokes were not funny at all. I'm
giving you a 1 just for attempting to make a good flash; though it was
a terrible one.


Few problems with this movie. Sprite animation wasn't terrible, but overall, it needed a lot more work. It came off as if you were trying too hard to be funny, and your jokes - ie: tripping over a meteorite - could have been better placed.

The biggest question for me was: what is he/she/it trying to do with this movie? It didn't really make any sense. So, next time, pick something definitive from the game to parody, and don't be desperate for jokes.

Keep trying though, you never know.

one question

why was there a metorite in ness's house?


Zomg that was knda bd u make t like wer nes don wlk thru black tht nt gd

Meh,not too interesting.

It had it's slight funny parts,nothing much else to say about this really,nice try though.