Reviews for "The Drowning Horse Song"

Oh man!

I can't stop laughing. That was brilliant!


ok i kinda dont get it but 10 stars for being random flying cow drowning horse i love it =D

ahhhhh alex day

hes so cool and you forgot to mention
"no horses were actualy drwoned in the makign of this album"

RionHunter responds:

I like your style.
But he actually commented on the youtube video, which was a pleasant surprise.
He informed me it wasn't he who sung it, but tom milsom.


Eh.. made a good laugh, miss the pixel age..
btw i want to point out to your attention you spelled "drowning" drownig
You know jst being a help on NG ;P

RionHunter responds:

Is this after reading my comments?

amagad the secret cow level

what's up with all the old style pixelated movies and games on front page lately?