Reviews for "The Drowning Horse Song"


i liked it, and the lack of awesome animation just adds to the fun. Anyone who doesn't like it needs to learn to like the simple things!

RionHunter responds:

Yeah, thanks.
I heard the song, and thought to myself that I need to animate it.
But I knew that you couldn't animate anything complexly to a song that so simple and stupid.
so I animated simple and stupid.

This isn't that good.

I wanted to rate this ZERO because it is so annoying and I can't understand anything that he says. But two stars for the effort.

so pathetic but...

its kinda pathetic that u made front page but i can c y, its random which equals funny


Catchy, but I couldnt understand half of what you said

RionHunter responds:

Must be the audio quality... I'll tend to that.


Ultra win.