Reviews for "The Drowning Horse Song"

Drowning horsie

I enjoyed it and got a laugh out of it but I'm a bit confused on how this got on the front page. Ether it was still pretty awesome.

RionHunter responds:

I'm confused as well.
But happy.

the horse drowning noise

and how it moves
makes me lol hard
im so fucking twisted

RionHunter responds:

man, I accidentally read that as
'makes me hard, lol'
Which would've made you VERY fucking twisted.
Thanks anyways :P


No one pick up on the spelling you say? WELL I GOOD SIR DID! AND I AM QUITE OFFENDED. I am smart enough to read the comments before watching a video. Also Heroic, I will buy 20. I just hope that drownig horse lives a happy life afterwords.


Thank god for cape wearing cows!
The only problem with this movie was that the graphics were a bit blocky, if you turn up the resolution of your photoshop next time it will be much better.

RionHunter responds:

But my sega megadrive/genesis only goes so high >:(

That's great.

That was funny man. Just goes to show that you don't need crazy animation or plot to make a point. Heck you don't even need a point. It made me LQTM so it's a winner in my book. Which is a handsome leatherbound edition available now at the introductory price of $29.99. Operators are standing by.

RionHunter responds:

I'll buy ten.
Thanks for the review.