Reviews for "The Drowning Horse Song"


all i can say is that was okay! nothing amazing but it still made me giggle!


I'm so lost right now, you wouldn't believe. High expactations from a frontpage flash, which aren't matched by an 8-bit drowning horse. My condolences. But still, nice flash, and I'll give you an extra star for the sound of the drowning horse.

Not a Front Pager

This flash is decent enough but I think the only reason it got to front page is because people thought it had a "message" or some type of deeper meaning and it doesn't. This flash is short the song is bad on the ears and the pixel art was not very good. I don't know how long you've been making flash movies, but this is something to take a lesson from. I'm giving this a 4/10 and a 2/5. I wish you luck on your future flashes.

RionHunter responds:

You obviously don't understand the symbolism.

Not bad

Not bad at all atleast its not a boy in a balloon game adventure game balllllooooonn thanks mate for being cool and saving the poor horse others just need to grow up and get it throught their think skin that violance is not the answer :| :| hey Ripp if you like Maddness so much go join it and go back to playin fist passin shooters eh man ya cool huh huh? eeee shoot in tha heeed. GROW UP. this is a nice flash and has a story to it it has motive plot and ending Duyummm ucks.


meh, its not bad, but i really dont think its rightful place is front page. i do think it was funny, especially the super cow part, but i have seen better.