Reviews for "The Drowning Horse Song"

I saw this!

I saw this and thought..... umm should i watch this? I watched it laughed for a while

RionHunter responds:

Do you mean you saw it when it was submitted?


pretty clever with a throwback to atari generations

Awsum !

LMAO @ HamOfEvil ! Graphics not good enough ? oh i cant stop laughing mate.

Very entertaining flash/song here !

This movie kicks ass because

Its a song about a drowning horse with Atari 2600 graphics. What else could you want? How about a cow saving a horse? OMGZ its in this movie! OMG


Pros: the song was hilarious ugagagagah Great vid over all but here goes the cons: the pixels were way to big of a size try smaller next time and it was pretty messy, the reason its on the front page is because of the song not the animation step up the graphics next time oh and im not trying to be mean but its my duty to newgrounds to comment and help various artists i hope that when i become an artist someone will do the same for me Hamofevil out. 6/10 and 4/5 just for the song

RionHunter responds:

I'm-a send you a PM, explaining stuff.