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Reviews for "URG advertisement"

Not only AMAZING...

...but Norwegian as well!

If you´re not Norwegian you might not understand how awesome this trully is!

This cartoon was just plain awesome - and to make it all perfekt, it is Norwegian. Well made animation, nice music and good voice acting (and awesome language) The fact that I´m norwegian has (almost) nothing to do with it ;-)

Kjempebra flash folkens! Utrolig gøy å se norske animasjoner, og til og med på forsiden av Newgrounds gitt! Håper inderlig dere lager masse mer. Jeg skal sørge for å følge med og stemme toppkarakterer hele veien! =D


Definately good

The sound was good and although it was in a different language the subtitles to english helped understanding the film better. Plus, the animation was good and the art was at least par or above it. However, I was a little lost about the whole storyline. Maybe if I was a part of this group I would better understand it. Yet, I did understand that it was about a kid and the URG group looked like heroes and gave him what he wanted (the candy). That was easy to understand. I just don't think I learned a whole lot more about this group then that.


that was all, too short and it dont have any sense.
animation good

umm hello people

i think this animation is just fine the way it is. its an advertisement....get over it guys. i think for the purpose it was demonstrating, it was a very good animation, it did its job perfectly. i would have probably worked on the animation alittle more, it seemed alittle plain. and i also might make it just a tad longer, because ads are supposed to grab your attention, and this seems to just kinda nudge at you, not really grab you.


im giving you a one only because of the animation it wouldve been higher but there was absolutely no laughs, story or depth to it. try a bit harder next time.