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Reviews for "URG advertisement"


I understand the movement but i have no idea what the fuck the flash was all about... guy goes to a show... and is pissed off cus he wants free candy and then some douche bags in tights punch the ground and hes all like "OMG BONER CANDY!"

o.O WTF O.o

but nah the art was really nice good job!

MarcyVF responds:

Lol that's basically what happened, yeah. It's an ad for those URG guys.

Not bad

I kind of liked this. The drawings were pretty good and the colors were really nice to look at. People might have issues with the english subtitles but I didn't lower the score just because I had to read a few sentences. I can read fairly decently (I would hope I can since I was born here in the U.S.)

Good work, this should pass judgement.

Haha! :D

Smooth animations, great voice acting. One of your best movies, the quality was top-notch!


pretty good

i like the animation for some reason it reminds me of Rugrats...that show was awesome.