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Reviews for "URG advertisement"

I loved it!

Haha that was epic how he flew down and the candy explod ed and stuff, top notch animation


wasn't bad

but 5mb for 30 seconds.... you must learn how to compress your stuff

MarcyVF responds:

well when a movie is this short I really want to make the sound quality as good as possible... if it was a 10 min movie I'd compress it.

thanks fro reviewing though :)


from norway, ey? god flash

I loved it

it had great "directing" (if that's how you spell it) everything went smoothly. The animation was pretty awesome. The art is pretty good. The little things like the shining candy and the darkening background really added to it.

I actually thought this one was one of your guy's best.

Also the voice acting finished this to almost be professional. I mean the art isn't perfect, but it doesn't need to be.

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks man :) one of our best? Nah... but thanks lol.

Great and random as always, :D

Thanks to this huge hint I took the five seconds to check where you are from. I can now say I Know people from Norway.

Also don't rate down on this because you cant:
A: spell I.E. obiwankaboozy, daily not dayley. Beatty0011 lose not loose.
B: don't understand it.
or C: hate random advertisements about candy and Norse expos/conventions.
I thought it was awesome because i took the time to READ THE AUTHORS COMMENTS.