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Reviews for "URG advertisement"

hmmm not bad

also if you did wanna know what URG meant then read the description
and now i want candy D=!!!

very good

Had some issues, like length, but for the most part this film was pretty good :) id like to see more about the UKM/URG


why dose "URG" make me think instead of "you are gay"?? anyway lol

MarcyVF responds:


Nice animation.

i don`t see why people choose to say just the bad things about this. Men hvorfor har ikke jeg hørt om ukm eller urg? Jeg må følge med dårligere enn vanlig.

Haha, nice.

Et kjempe konsept som dere kan dytte langt lenger med. Veldig bra animert, ville likt noen flere fremtoninger av hva URG staar for, men fremforingen var komisk og lattermild.

Staa paa med det flotte arbeidet!