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Reviews for "URG advertisement"

amazingly funny

thats funny... you really made it cool style and all... all my 5 R belongs to you...

ok then...Excellent...i guess...

It must have been rough today...

URG gives away free candy!?

Man it makes me wish URG was here in America so I can get free candy =( Great animation and the voice acting was great too (even though I don't understand what they saying) But the subtitles where a BIG help too understand. The way you made URG as superheros was a great touch. I bet when you show them this they would love it. Man why can't I be given free candy like that kid in the flash :holds up fist up in anger: Hope too see more. ^.^

So awesome!

There is some serious action packed into this short ad!
You guys did so wicked on this! I wish it were longer.

You should seriously consider optimizing/smoothing some of your lines. Even just the ones in the background. You could probably knock a solid 2mb off of this.

Either way, glad to see you guys back on the Flash scene!

I wasn't sure what I was getting myself in for...

But then I was blown away by the power of URG! Fantastic! :D