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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

Very Good :)

I'm not sure if this was purely fan made, an advert game or maybe both but this was an excellent side scroller, the music during the level select screen was abit catchy and the art and animation was well done. Overall this is a good game.


It's fairly simple to pick up, but the game lacks any real depth. The real fault is mostly in a matter of level design. Still, it's distracting if not exhilerating.

Love it

a classic retro type of game nice work dude


This game had potential to be good but it missed it with the lack of combos, moves, and repetitive music. Also Splinter and Casey Jones shouldn't have been just speciel characters but fully playable characters. Was fun for a little bit but quickly got boring.

controls stink

controls were horrible, you can't jump and attack properly and when you try to do a shell shock, it doesn't respond well sometimes.

this could have been a good flash platformer.