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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"


wow! i love TMNT!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Some problems

It's a good game, but mainly because it's a TMNT game. Although the graphics are very nice, there's too little to do, and a lot of disappointment.
Things you could improve:
-The character gets hurt by touching the enemy, even when the enemy is not attacking.
-The Special Attack, could have something special besides its effect. I mean, like explosions, bursts, etc. It's too fast to.
-There are like 2 diferent attacks patter for the player. You can't even do a diferent attack while jumping. That could be improved.

These are some stuff i noticed. Besides that, it's a good game, with good graphics and well programmed.

ps: sorry for the bad english.

Great platform game!

First off, I love the nostalgia of a good ol' classic style TMNT game. Though truth be told, I would have loved it even more if it was based on the TMNT of the original series from the 80s that we all loved.
The sprites are well designed, the music suits the game perfectly, and the unique specialties of the ninja turtles and the support characters was a nice touch.
The only thing I had a problem with was the trickiness of bouncing off walls. Though that's probably because I used my keyboard.

I see some people complaining that this game didn't have enough wistles and bells and wasn't "shiney" enough. But ya know what? It's a true retro game, and I appreciate it for that. The game has a nice charm to it.
And really, why would someone want the game to be longer? I don't have all day to play a game. It was perfect on my break. ^_^

Ok game

A decent game that went on a little bit long for me. Fighting was incredibly simple and got way too repetitive for me. Same with the music, there's like what, 2 songs in the game? Even the ambush music has to double for the story scenes. Game was a bit glitchy (for example the boss glitched on the very last level for me and got stuck while doing his kick). Shredder battles were a let down, both battles were the quickest levels in the game for me.

This is one of the games you find pretty cool when you first start playing, then halfway through you get bored but feel like you already played so much so you should beat it, then when you beat it you feel really unsatisfied and regret you spent so much time on a subpar game.

Most Excellent

Really Fun and Well programed. Pasted My Expectations By A Mile.