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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"


This remind me of the MNT from the old days. Nothing better than an old style game to make me happy for the day.

Needs work

The ambush part is tedious, they barely drop any health and ooze is to be needed in most areas. 8/10 It is a good game but needs work. I like the special moves and how Rapheal's and Casey's go in a straight line.


great game, i enjoyed playing it and level 14 left me on the ass end of an ass kicking. but eventually i beat it. i only have one reason why this isnt a 9, and im sure its an easily fixable one and it really isnt a big deal, but it did make me take a lot more damage than i should have on level 14.

when i do the shell slam (bowser from smash bros.?) i sometimes would accidentally land on top of the enemy while i was blinking. this wouldnt be a problem except that my attack range cant hit them if their too close to me. it would reach past them and i ended up taking 1 or 2 more hits before i could finally get to the proper range.

that rare occurence aside, this game was great. a helluva challenge, but a fun time beating it

Really fun game

The game is fun, but hard with a few flaws. The enemies do alot of damage but are easy to kill. Also I faced a glitch when facing super Shredder. He just kept studdering there while doing the aerial kick and I just kept hitting until I killed him.

Needs Work.

The game has plenty of flaws that should have been looked over before submitting.

The gameplay seems really dull; The turtles have all the same fighting moves, and it isn't much, nor are there impressive. Seems more like fighting moves of idiotic caveman than of a ninja. I'm rather surprised that they all have the same exact fighting styles and they all use only one weapon. 'Cause Leo supposed to have two katanas, Raph should have two sais, Mike should have two nun-chucks, and Don should... well, actually Don is fine. But, their fighting moves should be totaly different from one another; after all, they are using different weapons, and they should each have their own special attacks. And depending up which turtle you are playing with, each of their special attacks requires a special combo to do, much like in Street Fighter. But, the turtles aren't the only one's that are suffering, the A.I is also rather bad. I kind of hate how just touching them without them attacking you seems to damage you, and it's kind of bothering how these guys can't seem to jump over a small wooden box. You can jump over it without a double jump, why can't they? and the standing ones can't seem to duck, while the lying down ones can't seem to stand. Seems pretty stupid, don't you think? This makes the shuriken throwers very avoidable; since they don't move or duck, you can practically just hold down the duck button and have all the shurikens go above your head. Not to mention the lying (These guys shoots darts with a bambo straw) down ones don't seem to move other than change direction. Also, there should be more going on screen, 'cause there really isn't enough that makes the action tense and exciting. The gameplay is also just way too hard.

The graphics are the only good thing I see here. I find the graphics to be very impressive; the detail is rich, the background looks great, the character sprites are spot on, it's colorful and at the right tone, and the animation is also pretty spot on. But, it does suffer from slowdowns. 'Cause at times the game may freeze for a very short period of time, especially when you are moving. Seems kind of sad, 'cause I have actually played games that actually looked much better than this and even they run with better performance. Strangely enough, this problem seem to have started after the first time I closed the game and reopened it. When it comes to the comic like cutscenes, the turtles seem rather fat to me. Also, I think the original April O'Niel should have been used; she's much hotter. Also the artwork in the comics look rather dull, and could have used more work. A more talented artist should have been used for the comic artwork for sure.

The sound is also another thing that needs work; there isn't enough going on the for music, and the music really isn't all that great. the sound effects seem really weak, and there really isn't much going on for sound effects, either.