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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

superb !!

Great moves , great character using . I loved it :) onle combos man .. more combos ..

Pretty good

This game has a lot of potential, but I feel like some things are missing.

The artwork, and animation is wonderful. The music is good, but a little repetitive. I also feel like the action when fighting enemies is a little slow. It is hard to do combos with the way the enemies react when you hit them. I liked how you had a choice of turtles, and special characters. That was very cool.
Also, I feel like this game is a little easy. Not enough action going on in the screen to really warrant playing past the first few levels.

Very repetitive

This game was technically correct, in that it was well-executed, the play controls were fine, and the game's model, concept and execution were solid. However, it just lacked the variety necessary to hold my interest. The game could be improved by adding something for the player to work towards such as additional unlockable characters, weapons, and mini-games. There is a lot of potential here to be improved upon.

BTW, kakashi1432, this game was not based on a movie "a few years ago." The Ninja Turtles characters have been around in every conceivable media since 1984.

Not a "great" game, but not a "bad" one either.

The game was enjoyable. I only played a few levels before giving it a rest. I do have a few suggestion though. Work on the knock back a little bit. Add more combos and items as well. Good work on the game though.

is it me..

Or is the game glitched in some way? It starts with the phone scene then the foot shodows are seen at the bottom then nothing. nothing happens. I dont know if your supposed to do something but there is no indication on the screen as to what I'm supposed to do.

Fact its TMNT thought gives it high marks.