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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"


It was ok, didint really grab my interest though. Its kind of weird their relaseing a game based on a movie that was released a few years ago.

Did you make this?

sum1 is saying down there that u basicaly \\ uploaded it. Oh well, for the game itself it was mildly entertaining. The last few levels were pretty tedious but i managed to beat the game. Bosses were really easy in this game too, i beat the last shredder boss in 19 seconds.

Good job guys!

Good job on the game, I played it quite a while and it kept me busy

to Drunkenninja12, take the time to check things before giving such a rating and accusing them of stealing a game, if you go into the credits, you can clearly see that urbansquall developped this game, even from Ubisoft's main site.

Found a bug

when you fight Hun sometimes he gets stuck in his run animation, but stops moving. when this happens he cant be hit by any attacks other than the shell drop. i tried for about 15 minutes to kill him this way but he seems to be invulnerable. otherwise i love the feel of the game and the idea of mixing and matching your duo from the characters.

Almost but not quite.

There are some great things going on in this game. The character selection is great and the ability to have a secondary character for a special attack is also a great idea but there are some major flaws in the mechanics. The foot clan deals a lot of damage especially for just running into them. Even though Raph and Mikey do double damage it doesn't really balance out since they have to get so close to the bad guys which usually results in taking damage from running into them so the two of them end up getting owned all the time, at least in my hands. Leo and Don are great but like it has been said in other posts there aren't enough moves to really keep it fresh. The atmosphere and art is fantastic but the quirky gameplay kind of ruins the fun factor that this game should have.