Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

WAY more than I expected from a flash game

I dunno what to say, this game got me on one of these moments when i can squeeze all the meanings it has to offer, and put them for good... I played it for around 2 hours and it's creepy, difficult and yet rewarding in a way I can't explain... I guess you got what you were looking for with me heh.
"Getting in this box is whats best for all of us, you will learn so much... yet experience so little" the second time i read it... meh i don't know enough english to express it.
The "game" itself (as you say in the credits) is challenging, and sometimes on the latter levels the way is simplier than you think beforehand, anyway the 2 sleep bonuses was like a gift from the heavens, I was stuck at lvl 21 like 20 mins before realising there was another option...Music just fits it perfectly, and the voice couldn't be better.
I guess you got my point already... splendid work on every field you wanted it to work, 5/5 10/10 and I'll come back to vote it over and over, grats guys

really good

a new and fun game :P 5/5

I don;t know what to say.

For some reason I don't understand, I feel disappointed. I have no idea of what I was expecting, but somehow, the end wasn't it.
The game was very addictive and fun, and I have very little patience and give up easily, but this was so good I stuck at it.
I disagree that this is basically Shirt with boxes, because if it is, than isn't any platformer a rehash of Mario? And Mario of the games before it? And all those a remake of Pong? And Pong from real ping-pong, and that from tennis, and so on, and so forth?
Anyways, this was a very,very ,VERY good game, but it left me with a bad feeling.

Actually, I reconsider that 9.
A 10, because I suspect that bad feeling is for good reasons.


great game


Easily without a doubt the best game to hit Newgrounds in 2009!