Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

I love it.

It's not about figuring out what you're doing, it's just about getting it done.

Mind Fkuc

This was a great game, people compare it to shift but this game puts its own spin on things. The game is psychologically creepy, the music, sound effects, and story factor into this. The message was clear as well as the intention of the endings, but i feel that the ending cutscenes weren't pulled off as well as the rest of the game was. The ending text somewhat summed up what the whole game was about except for the end. The end was just random. If the authors could PM me and somewhat explain exactly the purpose of the end story was, that would settle my confusion. I think the message was that when you are given instruction on what to do, and that instruction changes, you panic and follow any other instruction given, because it would give you comfort, even if you think it is wrong. And you shouldn't do it just because others want you to.

Wait, so the box was the main guy's box and you were a figure running in his drawn world? So on the good ending you reunite with yourself (steven?) and you both escape the box(?). And in the bad ending, you kill yourself only to do it again and again forever in the box(?) I think I'm getting it now. The ending is a ontological paradox.

"Mind over notionless movement"

I really wish i had a clear vew of what this game wants to tell me... But it seems it just blows away some random fragments ever of empty information. (EMpty, because the player is supossed to fill that emptiness with any feeling or idea he has...)
I found your game quite interesting, i doubted the concept at first glance, but then i really got into the box.

The music, and the strange, Surreal atmosphere made me feel like i really was getting into myself, hearing a strange clone talk, and hearing some kick ass, yet, strange music.

There are a handfull of games that you can actually feel... This is one of those games, where you can actually be a part of a quite strange message and part of a quite strange experience... It's all about allegorical numbness of some of the oldest feelings of the human brain. Loss, Fear and Panic. (As you said).

I give this piece of heaven a 10 and a 5...

Keep doin nifty stuff like this.

My cat's breath smells like catfood...

Man, this game sure is surrealistic... Even though you claim Time Fcuk not being an art game, I can't help seeing it as one. It's just beautiful (in an creepy, ugly way). And that music somehow reminds me of France. Not that it would have anything to do with the game itself, but in my opinion it creates a really weird athmosphere.

Full points for plein weirdness!

Crazy and awesome

I was first intrigued when I saw you can switch layers but then the freaking box guy said my name... which made me think "WTF OMG HE SAID MY NAME!!!!!@@#$#@"
My name is Steven... and the box guy is possessed by the devil.
He said something about "You fail Steven" or something lol then
"Steven this is your mom texting you to remind you to put gas in the car"
I was freaked out
Completely freaked out.

Including that I loved the game and it was a lot of fun ;)