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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

amazing game

even more amazing is the feeling that the character is real, with all the subtle details, like talking to yourself, makes me feel like i have to listen. and the eventual wrap up at the end. super awesome


Im stunned at the awsomeness this game is, its very challenging as well as disturbing. The music for the game is odd but very catchy and ive yet to run into any glitches. Power of Three wow amazing.


welll I got the Good Ending and Bad Ending through a glitch... I tried playing on a Mac at school and it was skipping everywhere so I guess it skipped to the Good and Bad endings somehow... bu now that Ive had a chance to play, the game is ve-- I've been time fcuk'd.


i liekd ti


This game is amazing, the idea you have of switching demensions to complete puzzles is unheard of (well atleast by my standards). This defineatly deserves a 10\10