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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Reminds me of the Cube movies

Not sure if that's what you were going for. I kept waiting for the moment when I'd clue in on the "the real answer to getting out of this mundane, daily-grind rat maze is...", but it never came to me. I'm thinking it has something to do with going back and replaying past levels to piece together a bigger puzzle.

From what I take of this, the game (to oversimplify for a moment), is like being locked in a room with a treadmill. You want to get out of the room, and the treadmill seems to play some key role in this. So, most folks will take it at face value, much the way they do with their daily life. They will start running on the treadmill, since that's our pre-conditioned response when we see a treadmill. While we're running, we're trying to figure out how it's helping us. After it not working for a bit, we'll start to think of ways to run differently on the treadmill to try to elicit a response from the room that will give us more clues. Well run faster, harder, slower, side-ways, backwards...

Unfortunately, we get so wrapped up in running on the treadmill, trying to find different ways to do so in the hopes of it helping us, that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Our goal is no longer escaping the room, but to run on the treadmill...we are captivated by it. And, we can get stuck running on it forever, like how we can get stuck in the daily rut of life without realizing it. You're presented a challenge, and you see what others have done to try to overcome (go to school, go to work, get married, have kids, get a mortgage, get a car payment, spend money on crap we don't need, complain about being in debt because of it). If you take it at face value and just jump through the obvious hoops your mind perceives, especially since using others as an example of "what to do" (even though other people seem unhappy and stuck in a rut themselves), then you will end up just like them.

However, if you step back from the immediate situation, ignore the pre-conditioned response (IE: "think outside the box") and instead focus on the larger goal, you should (theoretically) notice patterns or observations which clue you in on a bigger picture / solution to a puzzle...a realization that while most folks will see a treadmill and just start running on it non-stop since that's how we've been conditioned to respond, the big-picture solution may be that you're supposed to look under the treadmill to find a key that will unlock a door to the room and let you out.

However, where you really start getting mentally haywired is when you keep stepping back, further and further, and question why you're in that room to begin with. Just as we feel the treadmill holds some purpose to the room, what purpose does the room hold? Will we find out what purpose it holds if we get outside of it, so we can view it from another angle? What if us trying to understand or escape the room is merely another distraction, like running on the treadmill? What is the real goal here? Is there even a goal?

With all that said, I must admit that I got caught up running on the treadmill in this game. I was trying to figure out the bigger picture, went back to old levels and looked around, etc, but couldn't piece things together. However, it does make one think about life and how we live it, generally how we live it based on how we've been conditioned to live it (by people conditioning us to become consumer cattle, or by people around us complaining about their lives but expecting us to lead the same life in order to fit in) rather than trying to live it differently. It also makes one think that the purpose of our life isn't to merely run on a treadmill until we die. It's to solve problems. But our society has created a huge treadmill that most of us get stuck running on, because it's all we've ever been introduced to. Maslow's heirarchy of needs states that only 2% of people reach self-actualization. I guess only 2% of people escape the room? And when they do, what then?

Bluebaby responds:

:) yes

I love it

it's been fun playing it, but i gotta ask... Why the hell is it trying to store shit on my computer?

Perfection made into a flash file

The perfect game, in front of all of us. It has an incredible story (OMG WHAT YEAR ARE WE IN!!!), a very good gameplay, and the layers idea is very good. The thing that i love the most is the music! Its INCREDIBLE!

I recommend this game to everybody, its... perfect

Chalenging ,Fun, Exiting and, awesome

dude how is this game hard mabey if you had a brain then it wouldint but you dont so get a life noobs who cant beet this game.

10/10 5/5

Xp;ay gives it 5/5


Truly a mindbending experience thank you.