Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Pretty good

Finally got the good ending...Man, am I glad that's over. Well, actually I thought the game was very well made, it's just that some of the puzzles were pretty frustrating. Also, I'm not sure I get the point...I guess that's okay, but the one thing that really bothered me was that I can't figure out how what makes the 'good ending' different from the 'bad ending'. Sure, different stuff 'happens', but why does that matter?

Also, after the good ending I saw the credits...once that little story had finished, I pressed 'Skip' and it seems to have frozen. Might want to look into that.

Hard as a twisted nightmare in Hell

As fun as one too. I haven't finished yet, but this game is going over the deep end with the little 'communications' with past and future selves. I like it a lot. Simple design, but a wickedly evil, and crazy, plot with more twists that an F6 tornado.

BTW, Furrysowhat needs to get a life or a girlfriend.

One of the Best

This is on the top list of games to play.
It gives the Mix of cheap Retro Atari and a Psychotic world to boot.
I love the Imagination on the Difficulty and the Talking head thing.
Keep it going.


This is an awesome game. It reminded me of the artwork from Spewer (Which I guess makes sense.) and reminded me of the dynamics from a lot of good time/portal-related console games. My only complaint is that I can't find the music anywhere up for download.


I beat every level and made rediculously hard levels myself :D very fun and entertaining, favoiriting this to the top :D