Reviews for "Time Fcuk"


Made even awesomer by a level creation mode (I'm addicted to most things that have level creation features)

currently made 2, numbers are (I think) 724 and 748, whether the numbers are right or not, it's box alt 1 and box alt 2

Still, Very awesome game! 10/10


Exotic, new and full of surprises, its a breath of fresh air out of the putrid unhilarity of everyday gaming. However, i did not get some badges after getting them.
Other then that, the game was just great! 10/10 5/5!

You could add at least one more sleep and perhaps a hint system or some other wacky thing. :D

6 , 21 , 3 , 11 , 9 , 14 , 7 Brilliant game

work it out :D
But yeah its an awesome game, a bit confusingly true but awesome, i just love the platform, layer aspect, i love games like this.
I love the subtle meaning.


I love the concept of this game it's funny and could be true in some crazy universe lol


I never knew a game could be this fun