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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

i like playng when im bored

I finally understand what Isaac meant when it said Steven was something for the future

Thank you for making this game. The nostalgia is setting in from when I first played it.

God, this game is so pretentious.

The author's idea of a challenge relies on grating tests of the player's patience. Be warned, you will grow infuriated as he throws pixel-perfect reflex 'puzzles' with a bare-minimal tint of stimulating mental strategy. Don't even get me started on the insufferable excuse of a narrative, written in a style of an angsty adolescent masquerading his tripe, nihilistic shower-thoughts as deep insights into the human condition.

The author is incapable of storytelling. Go play The Binding of Isaac, a superior game he made in a much more mature state.

For those of you asking, Time Fcuk/Cf Uk's main character is named steven. Steven has been confirmed as a future version of Isaac from the Binding of Isaac. So the boss and items are based off this game not the other way around.