Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Level creator very good. I spent hours with him!

I Rated A World And It Gave Me A Badge That Was Creepy And Crashed My PC.
Though The Game Is Great And I Do Recommend It!

Nice game! I like that there is a level creator! Most of the time, I like to unleash my creativity every so often. This game is a great example of what I mean!

Wow great game

Great game here and the "INTRO" alone was impressive enough aswell, and I must say as I get more into the game it gets pretty creepy and trippy with head talking but thats what makes it fun. Decent flash and very well deserving of the achieved awards on here, that was pretty neat, like I said a decent flash shpwed off great quaily. Anyways great game funa nd hard at the same time and the medals make it that much more fun. So decent game here, I found this game to be fun and entertaining now ofcourse there are some things that can be made better and much more improved, With a few more adjustments and fixer ups it could be much better and even more popular with a larger group of people to enjoy, but anyways it was a decent flash, I really liked the effort you put in this one.

Some flashy colors thrown in there would be nice.


good game but there is a bug, when i rated a level it started just giving me this medal called "weebl's secret island" or something like that but still this is a really good game