Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Maan, this game was my obsession for at least a year, I remember speedrunning it everyday, cracking my poor android device so it can run this game, finding new connections and meanings with every run.
This game greatly contributed to me not being a complete moron nowadays, so I can't thank you enough!

Great game, except for one thing: YOU CAN'T SAVE LEVELS IN THE MIDDLE OF BUILDING! It's so annoying to forget about that and exit to the main menu because you're bored and lose ALL your progress on a level.

Really? I just saw the person do this to me "8========>". WHY?

Level creator very good. I spent hours with him!

I Rated A World And It Gave Me A Badge That Was Creepy And Crashed My PC.
Though The Game Is Great And I Do Recommend It!