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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Gotta say this game is SUPER creative and REALLY makes you think outside the box. though sometimes the game gets obnoxiously difficult when it comes to actually PERFORMING the solution in a handful of levels where youll sit there getting killed a bunch of times despite knowing in theory HOW to beat the level. also in a true way to troll in a more meta method, I got the good ending medal WITHOUT getting any of the other medals. Think about how that worked out :P also gotta say this game was EXACTLY long enough where it ended just before the difficulty started wearing on me too much so excellent work there. that said, the game COULD use a bit more music to it, as the track DID start to wear a bit as you played through a while. consider some more music tracks. the graphics are simple but honestly they get the job done so it's just as well. But really it's the GAMEPLAY that makes this game excellent alongside the brilliant outside the box thinking you need to figure out the puzzles and it also has the ability to enable you to make your own puzzles, though many of the ones made by others seem to just be much more difficult than the ones in the game. The story is simple but again, this isn't a story based game so fair's fair. However I did encounter one... Strange phenomenon in this game where I got some unlisted achievement though it seems REALLY buggy called "Weebl's Secret Island" that flashes on and off with some second textbox behind the achievement that flashes on and off and is nigh impossible to read as it flashes so fast. the heck IS this thing? did the game not appreciate me getting the ending medals before getting the others on my account or something? odd... Overall though, top notch game! Just know for whatever weird reason it doesn't run on mozilla but DOES run on chrome for me.

Maan, this game was my obsession for at least a year, I remember speedrunning it everyday, cracking my poor android device so it can run this game, finding new connections and meanings with every run.
This game greatly contributed to me not being a complete moron nowadays, so I can't thank you enough!

Great game, except for one thing: YOU CAN'T SAVE LEVELS IN THE MIDDLE OF BUILDING! It's so annoying to forget about that and exit to the main menu because you're bored and lose ALL your progress on a level.

Really? I just saw the person do this to me "8========>". WHY?

Level creator very good. I spent hours with him!