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Reviews for "Monopoly Reality"


Man Love


You should stay in our hair for longer and make another one of these.
This video was even funnier than the last one you made.

(I can also care less if you disagree with MY OPINION. I could care less if you spam me with "Hate" mail. I respect my own opinion as much as yours.)

even i can see that

random jokes changes for monopoly ?

dunno how you got up to this idea but it was funny

people who just toss out a 0 or 1 havent seen it completly or just lack brains to understand this

Its not about the animation or the randomness
youd have to be blind not to be able to understand that

Hello would u like to review? Maybe.

I don't give a fuck what most these people think, these make me laugh.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahhahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaaa!

5/5 10/10


I can see how some people might hate this. This seemed like crap at first glance, but I stuck with it and simply loved the dry humor. It's not like this was some stick figure animation with a robot doing the voices. I though the voices were good and the animation was fluid. If I can offer any advice for your next video, it would be to go with something with more depth. The characters in this animation just moved back and forth, and if this wasn't so short, that would get annoying after awhile. Otherwise, good job.