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Reviews for "Monopoly Reality"

Leicester Sqaure!

this is even better then Facebook, why aren't you gonna make more its funny as hell and who cares if you get hate mail its the shit :D

I love it!

I'm gonna play Monopoly like this from now on!

Oh hohohohoho!

The animation was good for the flash. And the audio was all too good.

I only wished there was more of this.

Or perhaps you should simply more on to ridiculing more popular board games.

Good art, good humor, good voice acting.

Yep. It's all quite good. My only complaint would be the fact that the animation is slightly monotomous. In other words, not a whole lot of stuff is going on. Even so, what IS going on is pulled off quite well. So yeah, great job.

what the fuck??????

dude freakin hilarious, make another one

;3 it is true

i hated it it was terrible i LOVE IT!