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Reviews for "Monopoly Reality"

Love it

You should totally make a series about these guys :D they're awesome, just try to animate them better, with lip sync and maybe some hand motions or some other body movements. The idea is awesome, it would rock to see these guys talk about stuff :D loved this one and loved the facebook one. Hope to see more of these guys!

i cried

this was too funny in my opinion but u should really keep makeing more of these vids i love them very much

That thumb in the main menu

Gives me nightmares..

'twas alright.

Surely this makes it's way solely on the quality of your voice acting and monopoly jokes but surely, surely you could of added some animation. Hell, the lip synching wasn't even there, just the repetition of ups and down mouth movements.

I know you have a huge list saying why not to take this seriously but it's still an animation... or lack of. I think the animation would of been a hell of a lot better if you added some basic scenes. It wouldn't of taken much time, no doubt.

The jokes themselves were nice but these types of jokes NEED something visual to back them up. Not 2 guys rocking back and forth with cards flashing up occasionally.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

true true I get what you mean. I was gonna keep the animation getting better in each one, so IF IIIF I do a next one, then there's gonna b the rocking animation, but they will be in different scenes :) but thanks for the critisism, it's what I like about these sort of reviews, not the ones that just say it's total bull crap xD

The monopoly guy wouldn't stand for this shit!

... Tis so beautiful...