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Reviews for "Monopoly Reality"


KA FUFFLE!! That video was full of fun and memorable moments


i love ur stuff this ruled keep makin them woot

That wasn't funny at all

I'm sorry but as much as I attempted to enjoy this movie I could not find a single second of this to be humorous. It just dragged on and on and didn't seem to go anywhere that could make it funny. The animation style on the other hand was alright but it seemed that the animation was also attempting to look funny but in the end it just looked stupid. The fact that both the characters were just continually rocking back and forth also seemed like a concept that attemped at humor but like the character style and the dialogue just ended up looking really dumb. So I could see that you were really trying hard to be hilarious in this movie but as much as you tried you did not succeed because not even one second of this was enjoyable making this movie ultimately unwatchable. I recommend getting someone else to do the writing.

Hularious, but...

I know that people go crazy play monoply, but you really need to slow down the talking and I think that they should have more lip movements to make them look more realistic. But it's still absolutely hallarious, like my spelling.

ha ha ha ha

awsome! hope you make more of these videos