Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"

Sequel? Yes?

Wow... you guys turned a post in to an epic series, or the begin of one anyway... Real dickhead must be pissed, lol. Then again some people cant take a joke. I mean look at the Numa Numa guy, hes dont doing so bad is he... Is he?

Phobotech responds:

Hell if I know...Numa Numa leaves little to the imagination.

Dick Neck, although a troll, has some potential.

and yes, I suppose I'm sort of obligated to do a sequel...


Is that guy watching this? lol. I dont even believe the poster used his own pic.

Phobotech responds:

Probably not, but funny regardless.

that was great

Definitely an original concept. Loved the school mascot

Phobotech responds:

The most hardcore mascot ever, "The Unstable Tactical Nukes!"

Bringing the Cock Joke To A Whole New Level

When I read that post on April 27, I thought that post was gonna die eventually. But with this flash comes the truth that some things aren't worth killing. The narration brought by TomaMoto was simply brilliant, and the animation was great as well. The story created here was very unique considering all the contributions involved tons of giraffe pics and Chris Benoit cutouts. The sound effects were decent but nothing new; although they were better than the planned 'Mouth-FX'. One thing though, when the robot scene was going on, I seriously thought that this was the return of an reinditioned Alloy, only to find out that it was the steroid kid in a mech suit, becoming sort of disappointed.
Though this flash was short Imo, I'm expecting to see a series of this leading to the epic battle for the lost penis. Maybe Phobotech and the gang could treat Dick Neck like the Incredible Hulk series, always just being a dick and destroying things while other heroes try to stop him (No pun intended).
*Awesome But Useless Knowledge: If you didn't figure it out yet, this flash was based on an actual person who bragged via NG forums about his muscles and workout routine. The feedback didn't go so well for him. Hmmm I wonder if he's ever watched this yet. He's probably pissed off at the movie, though I'm sure that his moms are proud of him for being now at least a little famous.

Phobotech responds:

"Prime Turnip's" design was initially supposed to be based off of a discarded Mega Man design I had done before "Zone of the Awesome's" time...the body and the front of the helmet was nearly identical to my own creative license on Mega Man, but recolored to gray hues...I elongated the back of the helmet, and added the tubes from his arms to his back just to mix it up a little further...

However, not even completing the first frame, with his back to the camera, did I see the resemblance of Alloy...maybe I'll tie an explanation into the sequel somehow, seeing as how I'm a fan of MindChamber's work.

As for sequels, they're currently being written...when it'll actually be worked on is up in the air, as I intend to diversify my work, so I'm not strictly, "That Dick Neck guy." You know what I mean?

Thanks for complex review! I really appreciate it!

You better Deliver.

I don't hand out ten stars but I think your on to something. This is the first animation that I want to see a series from. YOU BETTER DELIVER and don't make me regret it.

F***ing Great.

Phobotech responds:

Son of a-...sure, I guess...I mean, if I HAVE to...