Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"

first of all...pointless but entertaining

and if his neck is similar to a dick then i dont even want to know what the purpose of his mouth serves.im just joping it made his neck long and its left at that lol.

great storyline actually,loved the graphics,pretty funny


Phobotech responds:

Never assume the anatomy of a Dick Neck...it mystefies science, and offends God...

Thanks for the review!

Not bad!

Admittedly during the beginning I was pretty turned off by all of the gay stuff going on (it just seemed so random), but it was still very enjoyable. I especially love the animation (the explosion is the best) and it was great to see some sketches you made at the credits. What gave you a 9 was the scene after the credits, which was simply made of awesome. While Dickneck may not be the biggest Internet celebrity ever, at least he'll be a celebrity here on Newgrounds, which I have memories of him first appearing on the forums!

Phobotech responds:

The sketches in the credits were actually provided by badass, busty, ball-busting moderator, JadeTheAssassin.

The scene with the cybord LordTurnip (or now "Prime Turnip") was completely added at the last minute by myself, as it was never clearly established what happened to him in the story. It's implied that he died, but never addressed.

It's my intention that you'll catch up on Prime Turnip's origin in the trailer for the sequel.

Also, you can rest assured, there will be slightly less gayness in the sequel, and hopefully, much more complex animations.

THATS WHY I have to pump out many more flashes before the sequel. So I can get better at the frame-by-frame badassery. (Still not confident enough for what I envisioned. Time will be my judge)

I'm really glad you liked it!


I usually find all this dickneck stuff stupid and unfunny.

But this, people, was hilarious.

You win, sirs. Hats off to you. Hopefully that sequel will be good :)


Source: FBI

Phobotech responds:

And here I thought the FBI would come to seize my computer after this...

...I-I mean, thanks, sir! I promise not to disappoint, sir!

what THE... dick neck, seriously ?

man seriously, you really worked on this...
hilarious, i loved it !

Phobotech responds:

Oh yes I did.

I'm happy you loved it! Thanks!

Oh dear Lord!

This is just too good. Even though the thread is locked, the legend still lives on via this sweet flash. I salute you.

Phobotech responds:

The Beast lives on forever! Thanks dude!