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Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


This movie shall soon hit theaters near me, I can sense it!

Phobotech responds:

Time will tell.

It's been a while coming...

... and I'm delighted to see that after a long wait, it didn't disappoint.

Graphics - 9/10 - Graphically this flash was excellent, it both stayed true to the Dick Neck comic page you originally created, but at the same time it was improved upon much, much more. The animation was perfectly smooth, so no complaints there. I was a little disappointed at the lack of colour in some parts, particularly with regard to the characters in the school scene, but it was nonetheless excellent.

Content - 10/10 - What can I say? The humour was fantastic, I laughed hard on several occasions throughout, it really captures the essence of what the whole Dick Neck debacle was about (other than a guy with a massive neck). The post-credits scene was quite interesting as well, is a sequel in the works?

Sound - 10/10 - Audio was very well implemented, I felt that the voice acting on the whole, particularly the narration, was excellent, and the music was very appropriate when used (during the blowjob scene I couldn't control my laughter).

Overall - 10/10 - I know a lot of work went into this, and it really does show. Biased as I may be having been "there" when it all happened, I loved this flash, 10/10, 5/5, and added to favourites. Great work.


Phobotech responds:

First incredibly helpful review it's received!

Graphics- In regards to the black & white color scheme in the flashback, I did that to contrast with present time vs. the past. Although, admittedly, it could've worked just as well with colors all throughout, it's just a preference. In comics that I drew, even in a young age, I neglected to use color...again, I admit, it's a bad habit I need to break, unless the mood sets for it.

Content- Yes, but not immediately...in between "Origins" and (Sequel) I'm going to try to diversify my work a little bit more.

Sound- Hey, it worked! :D

Overall- Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.

I really appreciate the detailed review; You Rock, Rohan!


I lol'd.

Phobotech responds:


One word...


Phobotech responds:


its good

i like the art and stuff like that

Phobotech responds:

and stuff like the art?

So everything visual = okay!