Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


this is the best flash ever

Phobotech responds:


Thanks so much, Rig. You're the best.

(...ARO-UND...Nothins' gonna evah take ya down!)

Wait a minute...

Isn't Dr. Foreman theZacks alt or something?

Anyway, the animation was hilarious. The way you made it had me laughing for a long time. Nice job.

Phobotech responds:

Hell if I know, but whoever he is, he needs to make an appearance sometime soon.

Thanks very much! Glad you liked it!

great work

I saw the preview the other day and looked up the thread. This is above my expectations of what it was gunna be like, I hope to see the next one sometime soon. voice acting was great and it was verry well directed and produced.
great work

Phobotech responds:

I'm very happy to exceed your expectations...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Thanks very much! Next one is under the process of being written.


pretty cool.

Phobotech responds:



Hilarious parody (or documentary?) of the infamous thread, The voice acting was totally top-hole, Well done.

Phobotech responds:

Let's call it a "Paradoc."

Thanks very much!