Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


Was there when the meme started.
Nice voice acting and music choice, so you've got yourself another 10.

Phobotech responds:

Hey, awesome! Thanks!

Impressive neck.

So it originated from a newground meme right?
That bodybuilder dude has an impressive neck.
I hope for him it's shoped else It's not very nice to mock him.
But well I'm sure he has a lot of humor and it's funny has hell anyway.
I like the secret end after the credit it rly make you want to know the ending of this madness.
Congrats to narrator voice acting it make me think of a parodied overcool narrator voice in hollywood movies.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much!

i laughed so hard i knocked down my laptop!!

watching and laughing at this flash just cost me $1200, and i think to myself, "was it worth it", and the answer is hell yes, i got it fixed for much less, though, but still.....GENIUS!!!

Phobotech responds:

If this review was written 4 hours ago as I type this...and Dick Neck: Origins was submitted 16 hours ago...

16 - 4 = your review was written around 12 hours after the flash was submitted.

Assuming you watched it while it was under judgement, and assuming you really did damage your laptop, you got your laptop repaired in a matter of hours on the same day you broke it for under $1200?

...Although the severity of the damage could've been overblown, in that, realistically, it fell, no damage involved, but taken up to the shop, and sent back as the laptop guys checked it out and found nothing wrong with it...

Regardless, I'm happy to assist you in property damage!

Ahh I remember dick neck!

That was pretty good, nice drawings.

Phobotech responds:



man, this was way too funny, cant go wrong with a dick joke.

Phobotech responds:

Unless you throw a vagina in there...pfft, and who wants that!? Amiright?