Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Cool style

This is alot different from most shooting games as this one has a time limit. My friend and I just spent 6 hours on this 1 player trying not to get hit once and we did it!


It was fun, but basically a short average shooter.

Not quite an "original" idea.

Six, due to the fact, I HAVE played Raiden, and feel it's a bit copied. There is the fact that the whole game's concept is the storyline of Raiden. Two ships, The ships, how they depart, how it's Earth, then Space, the enemies... I don't know. I feel a bit awkward. Disapointed, even.


good game

even tho this is not very new thing its nicely made, and fun.

Great concept!

I played this for hours yesterday, i love the fact that the timer is in the corner, and that there is a 2 player option. I was playing each ship together until my girl got home, then we played together!

Great job!