Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"


Yeah, I sucked at this game, but, I liked it. The asteroids were a nice touch, as were the blur effects

(title in work)

This game is quite fun. It is quite similar to Raiden Fighters, the classic arcade game. I loved playing that game, and this translates very well into Flash. Graphically it had that old school style of sprites. Very intense game play that may not be for some, but I love this quick rendition of the game.

fuckin kickass

damn. its amazing. thats all.

I guess it's not terrible

Well, what can I say? I admit that it got better around the time you went into space, but that was some hard game! The graphics weren't really that great either, and it was annoying how it just seemed like everything was blasting tons of lasers everywhere! All in all, I guess it's not that bad of a game to have medals, but I'll have to work harder on this!

that is like the longest 5 min ever

I mean I only got one medal