Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Aw3some game~!

, Must say that the medal system or achievements are a bit buggy once the game is over as the MC kept looping on the top most layer. had to refresh the page to avoid that, but this does not stop the game from being really fun :D
I had fun playing this games, as a matter of fact the fame was all the more playing it solo with two ships,, with all that chaos happening, blowing up shit because you have two planes was rocking, glad I didn't have to press an extra button to shoot. Good graphics, good variety of enemies, retro looks and classic game play makes this overall a enjoyable game !

Amazing(like my score)

i loved it. great remake of the retro.

Pretty Good!

Boy, this game takes me back. I think I remember playing this game in the '80s.
Nicely done.


This game rocks! Great music, graphics, bosses, everything! I got insane skill rank on my first try! You got a good vote from me!