Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"


This game is decently fun. I like the auto-fire and the homing missiles.

Although, the best I got was to the second bosses third area. And I ran out of time right as I got to it. It is impossible for me to finish this game with my computer. As much as I want to buy a new computer to be able to beat this game, I think I'll pass.


It's not bad. I like arcade shooters. Nice homing missiles. Maybe it's just me but the game lags a few times.

It just needs an option to pick either one player or two players.

you got music

but still need sound effects.

Too annoying

Im convinced that it is impossible to beat it in 5 minutes.

... what??

i dont actually undestand the end... it all gets white and i loose with time, i know i didnt win because i dont get the achivement, at least tell me what to do =/