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Reviews for "Enigmata"


quite an addictive name, very fun, the action has a good rhythm. totally love the whole art used for this game, the ships design looks very unique and original.

only one thought, you really need to zoom out.


^Great game ... just one question.
What is the name of the song, that plays if you enter the shop.
It's not "Lolita".


I loved the heck out of this, But on Epic, I stopped time right on an attack, lol, That killed me pretty quick.

Excellent job!

his is a very good shooter, and very addictive. While the graphics are only decent, the gameplay is spot on! Anbd I love you can customize you ship to your playstyle! Great job, and I hope to see more of these!


major bug...
here is what i did:
get to level 20, go back in time
get to 20 agian, no go forth in time
i choose to do the time trail
i finish it
now suddenly i own not a single ship, wich i had a lot, all-2.
my save game fileS got corrupted, and now, when i refresh the page, i cant even start the game. it starts with the credits, and the "back" button doesnt function
i will still give it a 10 because i can understand if this bug is not found while testing, but do fix it please

i have screens if you're interested