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Reviews for "Enigmata"


this game is really fun all tho their is a bug where when your at the last boss and your fighting him and you die if you replay the level before that you get the final boss destroyed medal

2 addicting

the game is a blast from the past awsome


incredible game but when you beat a level and it says how much gold you got
how many enimies killed ect
your shield will go up if you leave it it will go to max. so theres no point in paying to recharge it

Hooray for space

I loved this game. Played it for like 14 hours to get all the achievements/ships/mods. Great graphics and decent sound. 10/10


when l was in the black market l bought the FIOZ GENERATOR Z: Generates Bosskillers. What does that exactly mean because when i got it, it didnt do anything.
This is still a very good game that l play every day