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Reviews for "Enigmata"

Very hard but good game

The first few levels were easy, but then the difficulty really started to climb. So far I got to that protector of darkness ship, we killed each other at the same time, so game over but it still gave me the medal. I love the way you can customize your ship to an extent also.

Awesome game

dying at the precise second my last shot hit the boss was priceless.

love it

i like the game more than wneh i started but on my main account (mik0ne) i dont seem to get the 2 archevments (genu, keeper of souls) i still havent beat the epic. also the game says cheater in top right corner eventhoughti never cheated so...
1.what counts as cheating
2.doest it block the medals?

please respond

Kidgamez responds:

Thats weird, you have to press certain keys to activate cheater mode, you could have done it by accident? It shouldn't block medals though. I'll have to double check that.

Real Cool Game

Ive beaten a boss AND died at the same time. xD


if you want to be good my only tip is have good reflexes