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Reviews for "Enigmata"

good job

i dont usualy like shooters but this one was fun and REALLY addicting good stuff


Very addicting and one of the best side scroll shooters i have played. The gameplay is fluid and i have not encounted a single glitch. Highly recommended.

awesome game...yeah

hack it to get a lot of gold

where the fck is the creat0r of genu???

Lilbit Fun and Hard.

For YOur Information
- Time Stop is the most useful energy power you can use.
- If you get above 95% Enemies Defeated, you will get an extra 5000 Gold.
- If you get 100% Enemies Defeated, you will get an extra 10000 gold times the number of the level you beat which is a lot so aim to get this ever round.
- Don't purchase missiles, you can collect enough on the way.
- To save wasting money, don't purchase expensive upgrades until you get the last ship since upgrades are not exchangeable.
- Press Z to activate Auto-Fire
- Press Crtl to cycle your missile type or to not use any
- Turn off Auto Missile Select in Option Select - it'll save you some missiles selecting them manually
- Turn on Bonus Display Bars
- Time Attack counts towards your Achievement count required to access the shops
- If you get stuck on a level, just replay the previous level to earn some gold and get a good enough ship/upgrade.
- RS Bonus Multiplyer is a very useful upgrade to get initially and is found in the Elite Gear.
- Purchase Infinite Bonus and Enima off the Black Market ASAP
- Increase in regen rates is better than increases to the max armour/shielding
- You can sell the 20 Equip from the Legendary Shop and still keep any equips that were on you.
- If you purchase the Darkness Energy Charge from the Legendary Nebula Shop and the Stop Time from the Regular Nebula Shop and hold both buttons (D and M) together, you will never lose energy. Very important for bosses.

Gud Luck (*v*)V

it's really great

there's not that much difference to the second one at all really! which means they're both awesome