Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"


Not quite as good as some of the other ols assassin style games but it still kicked ass and was a lot of fun to play, I really have to say you did a good job of fining some funny voice clips to go along with it too. I kinda wish you had more submissions, it makes me wonder how cool your flash games would be by now if you had continued making them.

******* awesome

not that bad

what ther fuck?

how do u beat this?!?!!!
no matter how many times you shoot his head, the fuckhead won't die, idk about any of u, but if I got shot in the head 28 times, i'd be dead, but that's just me.


it was satisfying to blow away Hollywood's most wooden actor, but too easy and too badly animated.


please better graphics and more of the assassin genius...