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Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"


Can you even win? This is just awful. It had the potential of being good, but you didn't add any other necessary aspects of a fun (Assassination, in this case) game.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Some good music and a few different pictures of Keanu.

^^Needs Improving^^
This game was not too fun. You can shoot off his hands yet still get shot by him. This game just doesn't have much creativity to it. There was no interesting parts to killing him, and it was an extremely basic point and click shooter. Needs something to make it stand out.

i'd tap keanu

hah this was pretty bad and there was no challenge at all. and really, who would want to kill keanu reeves? that's just plain silly.


Lol this was funny, abit cheesy but still funny, the shooting was ok but could be better such as more places to shot besides just the head, also needs some sorta nackrounds besides just black, anyways it was a fun game...

Add more shooting points and add some backrounds like scenes or something...

Fun but needs much more effort and detail...


An attempt, but not a good one.

I liked hwo you could choose between shootign the hands and the head, even though it didn't matter at all which oen you chose because if you shot of fthe hands, you'd still get life taken off. The fact that you basically just used gifs for this flash hurt it. I liked the music and sound that went along with it, though. Just make the flash more original and with more levels and it might be more fun.