Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"


i hate keanu reeves but what was that. i will tell you what it is AWFUL.the only thing that was decent was the sound when you died. sorry kid but your game is crap

Where's the blood?! The Gore! The Carnage?!

100 others have said this before me... BUT THIS SUCKED! No blood, no gore, no mindless violence, only shooting at copy and pasted images of Keanu against a black screen. It's not violent and it's certainly not fun or realistic! So leave it up to the professionals dude, we don't want any more crap like this put up here! Oh and why won't he die when you shoot him in the head?! When I shoot someone in the head I don't expect them to be in the least bit able to shoot back! I expect their goddamn BRAINS to be hanging out of their head!


never in my life has a game with "violence" be so boring. I give it a 0 at best.


This game sucks worst then pokemon.

wow that was so good it sucks

naaa it just sucks