Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"


Killing keanu reeves was good yet sucked. I gave it a ten because these are the low quality style flashes i grew up with


that game was pathetic. a few pictures of keanu reeves flying across the screen and all i can do is to click either his hands or his head.
you need a lot more than that to create a good game. add some diversity; some more "hit zones" would be really nice too... and let me choose some weapons to kill that guy.

at least the "blown off hands/head" looked decent.


fun game, i beat keanu reeves and it wasent a very good end to the game!


Can you even win? This is just awful. It had the potential of being good, but you didn't add any other necessary aspects of a fun (Assassination, in this case) game.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Some good music and a few different pictures of Keanu.

^^Needs Improving^^
This game was not too fun. You can shoot off his hands yet still get shot by him. This game just doesn't have much creativity to it. There was no interesting parts to killing him, and it was an extremely basic point and click shooter. Needs something to make it stand out.