Reviews for "Hell Yes"

Very nice!!!

Indeed :D Awesome Song :D

I love that Orange :D

Love the song but short

I love Beck but my question is how did you get that version of Hell Yes?
The version on his album is different (and in my point, not as good) as this version (the first)

Orangebeef responds:

its the ghettochip malfunction remix or somethin like that, just type it in on youtube

orang b0ff;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

yep this is pretty awesome!!

daily feature lmao

Orangebeef responds:


Meh, it was ok

Animation was ok, but there really wasn't a story to this. i dunno I didn''t feel it.

Orangebeef responds:

are you one of those people who expect a well constructed storyline and plot to be in every single flash submission?

not bad

I know that elephant from somewhere but where ...