Reviews for "Hell Yes"

That was pretty random

I get why this makes no since. It's a Beck song. Beck songs rarely make any since at all, therefore, nor should the video. It was well animated and the song was great. Not sure if it deserved daily feature, but it was really good.

Orangebeef responds:

oh, it did


I hate how people that don't submit animations (i.e. cheater007, ApotheosisJebus and Jak29 among others) rate things poorly. I wish there was some sort of rule so that if you haven't made an animation yourself then you shouldn't be allowed to critique good solid animations.

I quite enjoyed this flash to be honest. The song was pretty catchy and it made me laugh. The animation itself looked like you put a lot of effort into the detail like the bg, I only wish you put that much effort into all the characters. I'm happy to see an animation from you that is a solid effort. Keep up the work.

Orangebeef responds:


Uh... what?

Was it suppose to not make any sense? The song doesn't go with the video and everthing else seemed to pop out of nowhere.
For instance; Why did the chiken leg pop out of the pipe in the first place? How does a giant carrot falling to earth have anything to do with that part of the song?
I know that it's good to be creative with your flashes, but I think this video set the limit on randomess.

Orangebeef responds:

your a fag

randomly funny

that was funny, but you could improve the graphics and should have shown th chicken leg get shot.FUNNY!

Orangebeef responds:


Sorry about the poor review but...

...I really don't get it. Was it supposed to be funny?

Orangebeef responds: