Reviews for "Hell Yes"

is that a bone sticking out of his head?

lol i like that chicken bone leg shaped guy,he cool


You get 7 points alone for using a (good) song by him, and the music video wasn't that bad either. You could try making it a bit closer to the music, and tidying up the art in some places, but it was entertaining enough with the combination of visuals and BECK'S LOVELY LOVELY PRODUCING.

A hearty 8 for you.

:D Hi. Whats up?

I don't like that song, But I've used flash before... Not as expertly... Alot more tweens.

Anyways, I rate this well because I have respect for the animation.

you better not call HIM chicken.

all about a peice of orange beef making his dreams come true. kind of scary at the end though, when a gun is put up against his head. you think theyd go easy on him, since he saved the world from that meteor and all. and now its time for me to " fly the coop" because it looks like a new "pecking order" was established. alright thats all i know. i guess i wont be "flying high tonight"! alright, this time for real. bye.



Orangebeef responds:

hell yes its bkdude