Reviews for "Hell Yes"


This is nice, very well done. I saw it before, but I decided to review this to congratulate you for getting the Daily Feature.

And don't listen to the faggots that bitch and moan about it not having a plot or a theme or whatever. Artwork doesn't always need a theme or whatever for it to be good.


Not what i was expecting but thats funny Babar and turkey leg fall in love


It was ok... the animation was ok and kinda cool and the random chicken leg was kinda funny. I feel like as it progressed though the animation lost some of it's pizazz.

Orangebeef responds:

so maybe it's a good thing i didnt make it longer.


im still confused but the song was pretty rad. why a chicken leg of all the miscellaneous things out there

Hell Yes

Awesome Chicken leg is Awesome. (your art style as well as characters reminded me of kirby though)