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Reviews for "William and Sly"

cool game

Great game!!!! I play this game again,again and again!!! I WIN! :D

In one word: Disappointing. While the graphics and animation are fantastic, and the audio and music range from okay to full-on stunning, this game is frankly not fun. I've never been a big fan of games where the only point is to just beat the game and get the best possible score, so it's not off to a good start.

The controls (especially the jumping) are very awkward and just can't seem to make up their mind. Sometimes I can change my mid-air trajectory, but sometimes I can't? And the wings don't help either. Parachute-gliding style mechanics should be able to be used more than once in one jump, but this game forces to me to use the parachute from the beginning of the jump, and if I stop using it or don't use it immediately after I jump, I can't use it again. That's incredibly frustrating.

Collect-a-thons aren't inherently bad, games like Banjo-Kazooie are proof of that. But they need something of substance so that collecting them feels like it has a point. Collecting a certain amount of one object should grant new abilities to collect more objects. But in this game, all the power-ups can be found without collecting a single mushroom, or key, or chest, or fairyfly, or rune. If collecting all the mushrooms and killing all the sludge monsters doesn't get me anything other than points, then what the hell is the point of collecting all the sludge monsters and killing all the mushrooms? Wait...

And speaking of sludge monsters, they are my biggest problem with this game. They can only be killed with white magic, but there are only 13 instances of white magic to kill 15 sludge monsters that only last a bare 10 seconds, AND THEY CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. So, if you activate all the runes but didn't kill enough sludgers to get the medals for killing five of them or collecting 35,000 points, tough shit! That's all, folks! Better start a new game!

And what sucks is, I played this game when I was little, and I remember loving it to death! But the nostalgia was not enough to carry me through it to its entirety. It was around the point I realized that this game had a boss battle that I gave up and just stopped playing. This is NOT the kind of game that should have or needs to have a boss battle.

So, I'm sorry, but this game just did not do it for me at all.
Now, William and Sly 2, on the other hand...

what does the fox say

This is the most beautiful game ever visually and audibly.