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Reviews for "William and Sly"

This game has some of the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in a 2D platformer. The music, colors, the ambient animal noise, the rain, the subtle background, everything is smooth as silk. I played it on release day and I still come back to play it again at least once a year.

Super atmospheric, though I find the objectives misleading and the direction kinda confusing.

this has to be the best game i have ever played. it has beautiful graphics, great character, and i love how hidden and mysterious everything is. if i could give it more than 5 stars i definetly would. amazing work, Kajenx

Kajenx responds:


I'll keep it short and sweet. It looks great, plays great, and sounds great. One of my all time favorites on Newgrounds.

This game is so beautiful for a number of reasons. I will list out my most basic reasons for liking this game. I am only at the beginning of the game's level so far, but so far my thoughts have been as followed, number 1. The background noises (the subtle but regularly loud rain, the sound of birds occasionally chirping in the forest, wind waves, thunder storms, giving it that realistic and authentic nature feeling, just now noticed the howling owl or wolf, day and night changes, etc...) 2. The melo-calming instrumental 3. How smoothy the fox jumps, moves and runs. I mean, eh, it's a bit wonky, but the fox's controls are not too bad. 4. The way the design of the game looks and runs, Simplistic yet challenging, all actually fit together quite nicely. I also like how the melo-calming instrumental, and birds chirping in the background, among the other things, always occasionally stops and goes. To some, this may be annoying or indifferent to them, but to me, it really adds to the atmospheric situation and nature of the game. Platformer games have always been my favourite type of games to play, and these are one of the reasons why. The only problem I had with the game was how it could be a little bit difficult to get to a certain checkpoint with the fairyflies, when the darkling was right in the way. But I guess that is part of the game's challenging mechanism. I also give this game my own personal bonus points, for being able to play the game even with the shift map open. That way, if the shift button gets broken or stuck, you can still use the game haha. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times, but that still doesn't take away from the overall story-line of the game. I already adore and love adventure and collectathon games. Especially ones with well-thought out, and meaningful dialogues. So this game is a real ng treat for me. Overall, I rate this game a good old fashioned '4.8/5.' ;). Trying out William and Sly 2 next!